Experience North Shore

Experience North Shore

If you’re looking for a Hawaiian vacation like in the movies then the north shore is the perfect pick for you. Home to legendary beaches like The Pipeline and Sunset Beach where gigantic 30 foot waves crash down on the white sand beaches for most of the winter months, and because of this you can expect to find a surfing competition almost every weekend. The Oahu north shore is home to some of the most reputable and distinguished surfing competitions, like the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Memorial Big Wave Contest. When the summer hits, the tides calm down and allow for unparalleled snorkeling and diving along the expansive stretch of beaches. If being in the water isn’t your thing, the Oahu north shore has plenty more to offer; let’s take a look!

Haleiwa, Oahu

This historic surf town is your portal to North Shore Oahu. Located just an hour from Waikiki, you can expect a true Hawaiian experience. The town is riddled with surf shops, unique stores, and unexpected delicacies that you won’t want to miss. It is home to Matsumoto Shave Ice. In business since 1951, Matsumoto Shave Ice has made a name for itself with their beautiful shaved ice with a twist! You can choose to add ice cream, azuki beans, or both to make this a truly special dessert. Head over to their menu to see the amazing combinations they have concocted. It is also home to Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park. Enjoy an afternoon picnic on the expansive grass field and top the day off with a pick up volleyball game. Always wanted to learn how to surf? Uncle Bryan’s Sunset Suratt Surf Academy offer surf lessons for people of all skill levels, groups and individuals.

North Shore Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are everywhere. Chances are you have enjoyed delicious fresh fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market. At one on the Oahu north shore you can enjoy fresh coconuts and pineapples that have been locally grown along with local home made delicacies. They hold a Thursday farmers market in Haleiwa, and one on Saturdays in Waialua. This is one I would make sure to include in your Hawaiian vacation.

Waimea Valley

This Oahu north shore attraction isn’t on a beach but the short drive inland is more than worthwhile. Waimea Valley is located less than a mile from the shore, filled with historic sites and the famous World Class Botanical Gardens. Here you can find over 5,000 types of plants, including some native to Hawaii and endangered. There are 35 differently themed gardens located throughout the valley, including one of the most complete collections of Polynesian plants, and a hibiscus evolutionary garden. Further up the valley you can find Waimea Falls. The falls are a local favorite spot for cliff diving, and swimming is allowed in between diving times. Can’t go on vacation without bringing back a few souvenirs, right? Make sure to stop by Kuono Waiwai, a retail shop in the valley. They offer distinct pieces and local crafts by Hawaiian artists, as well as on site food services with locally sourced ingredients.

Laniakea Beach

Laniakea Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, is a stop you have to make. It is a hot spot for the Hawaiian green sea turtles, called Honuby the Hawaiians. They are on the endangered species list and are protected under Hawaiian law, so there are volunteers on site to make sure that these beautiful creatures are not bothered. That doesn’t mean you can’t observe and photograph them though! These wonderful inhabitants will make their way on shore and lounge in the sand, and if you are lucky you might get to see one of their little heads popping up out of the blue waters.

Sounds like a fun trip right? Before planning out your north shore vacation make sure you have the right lodging. Hale Malina, in the Moana Blu Collection, is a north shore vacation rental right on the famous Sunset Beach. This is a private gated home, fully equipped with an outdoor grill and shower. Click here for more information and reservations.

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