Tours On O’ahu

Tours On O’ahu

The island of O’ahu is acclaimed as one of the most visited islands in the state of Honolulu. No wonder it is called “the gathering place”. It is also known for its wealthy cultural and naturally endowed environment. This island has something for everyone, ranging from picturesque views to clear blue waters elegantly flowing to and fro in obedience to the tide of the cool breeze. Apart from the closeness to nature that this place offers, there are loads of other activities and places one can visit for holidays or tours in O’ahu. Let us look at some places you should not miss on your O’ahu tour.

What to expect on your Hawaii O’ahu tours

1. You can see O’ahu from the air

Did you know that before you dive into the making of this age-long memory of the beauty of O’ahu, you can begin your tour by first having a bird’s eye view of the picturesque sights this island has to offer? In fact, you will need this to better appreciate the environment and its beauty.

2. O’ahu’s wildlife cruise

One of the many things O’ahu tours offer is an opportunity to cruise on the blue waters of the island, especially with expectations to see wildlife in their natural habitats. Some tours are very confident that you will find wildlife on a cruise, especially a Hawai’ian Sea Turtle, such that they can even give you another cruise for free if you were unlucky in seeing one on the first time.

3. Unique dolphin leaps

On your O’ahu tours, you can also enjoy the sight of spinning dolphins and diverse species of whales and other aquatic animal species. From a cruise on your Hawai’i tours, you can come ‘this close’ to nature. Make sure you have your camera to seize the magic moments.

4. Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch offers so much excitement and memories for movie and film lovers. O’ahu is held high by movie producers especially because of Kualoa Ranch which has earned itself the admiration of many thanks to the TV series Magnum PI as well as the blockbusters, behemoths and other movies that were shot there. So just in case you are a movie lover, there is a haven here, just for you.

5. Kailua Beach Park

This roughly 35-acre beach park prides itself as the best beach in O’ahu as is acclaimed by many including Stephen Leatherman, a coastal expert in 1998. It offers a wide range of options for a fun and quality time with family. This ranges from volleyball court on the beach to different areas suitable to relax and enjoy a picnic with friends or family in the shade. There are plentiful options of places around where you can grab a quick bite or enjoy a sit down meal. Best of all, this paradise is just minutes away from many of our Moana Blu properties!

6. Waikiki Beach

Of course, this list may not be complete without the famous Waikiki Beach. This location offers many fun activities as well as picturesque sights for you. Some claim that it may be the most famous beach in all of Hawai’i. This 2-mile stretch of clear-water & white sand coast is known for its mild waters that offer fun and memorable activities among surfing and swimming all year round, volleyball, canoe racing and more. All these are apart from other nearby attractions like the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium that are just some minutes walk from the beach. There are also world class restaurants as well as fine places for shopping around the area. The beach is partitioned by hotels; however it is connected via boardwalks.


O’ahu tours offer unparalleled fun and excitement for you and your loved ones. Plan a break from work for time with your loved ones here. Just visit us at for a hassle-free getaway. Think of taking an O’ahu tour sometime, it promises to be one of a kind. We can’t wait to meet you.

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