Top Romantic Date Ideas for Your Vacation on Oahu

Top Romantic Date Ideas for Your Vacation on Oahu

Oahu is definitely not known for having a shortage of things to do. The island has beautiful hikes and trails, lush vegetation, not to mention ocean views that will make any date night special. Yet, if you want a truly unforgettable, romantic vacation, then we have a few suggestions that will help you get just that. Check out our list of things to do on Oahu for couples, below.

Fun Date Night Ideas on Oahu

  • A trip to the Nuuanu Pali Lookout. Nuuanu Pali is a volcanic cliff that offers a spectacular view of northern Oahu, including the ocean, yellow banana groves, and the night stars. When you take your date here, be sure to tell them the legend of King Kamehameha who united the warring island of Hawaii into one kingdom by forcing the enemy off the edge of this same lookout. The story will not only add some culture to the night that your date won’t forget but will make you look great for doing your homework!
  • Go kayaking in Kailua. Rent a kayak from us for the day and just hit the coastline! What makes kayaking along the Kailua coastline amazing is the view you’ll see of the Mokulua Islands right off shore. Plus, be on the lookout for some spectacular coral formations and marine life as you paddle along the ocean next to your date.
  • Take a rental car for a drive around the island. To make things even easier, you can book a rental car from our website where you can choose between a minivan, SUV, full-size passenger van, compact, and more. Then, take your car around the island with the windows down. You’ll be able to explore the whole island in style.
  • If you’re a foodie, take your date to the Waiahole Poi Factory. You can turn the outing into a picnic when you grab two traditional Hawaiian plates and take them to the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. Trust us, your date will love the simplicity.
  • Take a sunset horseback ride along the shore. It sounds cliche, but can you imagine how relaxing it will be to just ride alongside your guy or girl while watching the sunset over the water? It really doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Now that you have a few romantic dates nights in mind for your vacation to Oahu, let us help fill in for the remaining nights.

You don’t have to do all the planning to make your vacation to Hawaii romantic. Let us help you make every night of your vacation romantic when you book an oceanfront vacation rental or cozy villa in Hawaii with us. That way you can easily turn a night at home into a romantic date thanks to our concierge services. Including, a massage from some of Oahu’s finest massage therapists. Or, a dinner date made by a private chef specializing in farm to table gourmet meals from Hawaii farms.

Check out our collection of luxury vacation rentals today to make your next romantic vacation on Oahu as relaxing as possible.

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