Travel Advice for making the most of your trip to Oahu

Travel Advice for making the most of your trip to Oahu

We know that planning for a vacation can be both fun and daunting. It’s an exciting idea to jet off to a tropical Hawaiian Island. You know you’re going to love relaxing on the beach and sampling the native food. Plus, you’ll get to come back sporting a nice tan and hopefully some beautiful pictures of the island.

To keep your planning as easy and fun as possible, we want to give you some travel advice for your trip to Oahu. That way you can just cross items off your to-do list and then enjoy your vacation in Hawaii!

Travel Tips for Your Hawaiian Vacation

There are so many things to do on Oahu that it was difficult to narrow down what to tell you about. So we brainstormed to give you a truly comprehensive guide for your Hawaiian vacation.

Prepare for your plane ride

To start with, let’s talk about your plane ride. We know that it can be easy to overlook what you’ll do on the plane ride over to the island. Depending on where you’re coming from, you may be on the plane for anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. That’s not too long. But, it’s definitely worth it to pack everything you may need to make your trip more comfortable.

You could try catching a nap so that you arrive rested and ready for the fun head. If you go this route, remember to bring a neck pillow, earplugs to block out any unwanted noise, and a eye mask.

Or, come with a kindle or Ipad to stay entertained during the flight. We also suggest wet wipes to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable lightweight clothes. That way you can step off the plane and immediately be ready for the weather on Oahu.

Check the forecast

On that note, you can expect that the island will be moderately warm. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking Texas heat here. Rather, expect 70-80 degree weather (depending on when you take your vacation).

The coldest months will be January and February with some rain. While you’re warmest months will be between July and September. Still, you’ll be able to wear your bikini or board shorts on the beach all year long. That’s why Oahu is perfect for a tropical romantic getaway or a fun time with your friends on the beach.

Figure out How You’ll Get Around the Island

Oahu is 597 square miles including 112 miles of coastline. That’s a ton of room to enjoy the beach. Still, for those looking to enjoy other parts of the island, getting around without a car may take time away from going to luaus or kayaking out to Mokulua Islands. So if you can, consider renting a car when you arrive. Just remember that we drive slower than most areas in the U.S.

Otherwise, we also have plenty of public transportation options available. You can take the bus or even take the Waikiki trolley to get around to all the activities on your itinerary.

Activities on the Island

For more ideas, make sure you also check out our ‘things to do’ page to see just how many activities there are you for on the island.

Savor Iconic Hawaiian cuisine

For all you foodies visiting Oahu, you can look forward to fresh seafood, cocktails, and even local food carts. To help you plan out your meals, we made a list of our favorite places for you:

  1. Liliha Bakery: For those with a sweet tooth, we couldn’t forget about Liliha Bakery. Their Chantilly cake alone is enough to justify the visit. Or, you can check out their famous coco puffs with a chocolate cream filling. Either way, you’ll enjoy the sugar rush and the 1950’s feel of the bakery.
  2. Fresh Catch: If you like seafood or sushi, Fresh Catch will be for you. It has the freshest poke in Oahu plus an amazing crab-stuffed ahi plate.
  3. Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha: This is where you can get Hawaii’s iconic dessert – shaved ice. Any local will tell you that this a must-do when you visit. So swing by Uncle Clay’s for their signature sweet dream flavor or just grab a shaved ice tea.
  4. Rainbow Drive-In: An iconic place to visit in Oahu known for it’s lunch menu. Grab a seat and get some shoyu chicken or teriyaki BBQ chicken. Plus, you can go next door afterward to Rainbow Tiki to get souvenirs for your friends back home.

Enjoy “Hawaii time”

The best part of your vacation in Oahu will be how easy going it is. No one here rushes around and you won’t have to either. You can wake up late, get out the door at your own pace, and take things easy.

Taking Off For Your Trip

Alright, do you feel more prepared for your visit? We know that whatever you choose to do during your visit, you’re going to love your stay here in Oahu!

Let us know in the comments what you plan to do during your vacation in Oahu. If you need more ideas, check out how can help make your vacation memorable and relaxing during your stay on Oahu.

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